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                                              Custom Dog Hair Spinning

Brushed hair from Collie

Collie yarn knitted

Scarf made from dog hair

You can have the brushed out hair from your pet made into beautiful, very soft, and luxurious yarn.  Most dog and cat yarn has a beautiful halo similar to mohair.

This can be a wonderful keepsake from your "best friend", or it makes a great gift for someone special or an animal lover.

Beaded Drawstring Bag

Samoyed and Bichon Frise

Small Keepsake Heart

German Shepherd

Husky dog hair yarn

Coin Purse made from Husky yarn

The hair should be at least 2 inches long, preferably from a long haired dog or cat.  This is the hair that you brush out during regular grooming, or it can be the clipped hair from a breed like a poodle. 


I handspin the hair on a traditional spinning wheel into a single strand of yarn. Then I ply two strands together to make a stronger yarn suitable for knitting, crocheting, weaving, or other decorative keepsakes. The yarn is then cleaned and conditioned.  The clean yarn will not smell when it gets wet, which is a very common question.  The "wet dog" odor comes from the oil in the animals skin, so once it is removed and washed, there's no smell.


I can create a custom keepsake article, or you can choose from one of my original designs. Hair from two different colored pets can be combined into a pattern like a plaid or stripe, or they could also be spun together for a tweed effect.  The price for a custom designed article will be determined by the size, quantity of hair needed, if it's lined, etc.. Please call or e-mail for a quote.


~ ~ Products Available ~ ~

Beaded Drawstring Bag

Requires 3oz. of hair

6" x 8" - $50.00

(sample is Collie hair and brown

crystal beads)

Small Heart

Heart alone is about

3" x 4" - The back is felt.

Requires 1.5oz. of hair


(sample is Collie and

Australian Shepherd)

Tassel - 8" long

includes decorative

bead. Antique key

is not included.

Requires 1oz.of hair


(sample is Collie)

Coin Purse - Fully lined - Button closure

Requires 3oz. of hair

4" x 5" - $50.00

(sample is Husky, the light and dark hair

is blended into a tweed)

Large Heart

Heart alone is about

5' x 6" - $40.00

Requires 2oz. of hair

(sample is Husky, the light and

dark hair is separated)

Scarf - with scallop edge

6" x 60"


Requires 8oz. of hair

Scarf - with ribbon weaving

6" x 60"


Requires 6oz. of hair

Scarf - V stitch pattern

6" x 60"


Requires 8oz. of hair

Scarf - Floral Motif

A chain of beautiful chiengora flowers, surrounded by a deep green yarn which is a blend of wool and acrylic, and a flower button in the center.

5" x 50"


Requires 8oz. of hair

Close-up of a flower motif


A vintage style with pearl buttons, and a contrasting color.

The contrast color is a yarn which is a blend of wool and acrylic or it can be from another of your dogs.


Requires 6oz. of hair

Flower Pin

A small flower motif with a vintage button & pin back.

The green leaves are made from a green yarn which is a blend of wool and acrylic.

The flower alone - 3"

Requires 1.5oz. of hair


All prices include having the hair spun into yarn and the article completed.


See 'How to Order' page for ordering instructions


If you don't have a scale to weigh the pet hair, you can estimate the weight by filling a brown grocery bag.  A bag about 10" x 14", half full, gently pushed down, is about 2oz.  The hair can be mailed to me, and if there is not enough I will let you know and you can send more, or I can adjust the size of the article to how much hair is available.


Gallery of custom designed articles

Pillow - 16" x 16"

Samoyed and Bichon Frise

Keepsake Hearts

Top-Havanese, middle-4 cats blended together, bottom-Husky

Small woven bag - 4" x 5"

Poodle mix breed

Embellished with handspun blue wool

Beaded Evening Bag

Samoyed and crystal beads

Fully lined



New York State residence will be charged sales tax.

I will be adding new items soon.

Shipping is extra.

These prices are subject to change.

Please e-mail for more information or any questions.







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